The First Kiss…


When I venture out to a new coffee shop and order a latte, it’s like having a first kiss.
It can be like every other latte or it can enchant you.

Some lattes can be bitter, acidic, or possibly made with great urgency, resulting the latte to be ordinary. Therefore, leaving no desire to daydream about the latte and go back for more.

At Storyville in Seattle, Washington I approached my latte timidly, this first kiss captured my heart and left a warm feeling inside. The second it touched my lips it felt sweet, meaningful, left me speechless and I know it was made with love. The soft foam from my latte pressed on my lips after each sip was spellbinding.

Storyville fascinated me. Now being in different cities, all I can think about is that first kiss, and I will always cherish it. I have been enchanted.
Un beso


The thought of uniting separate parts or qualities of things to make a unique combination is what makes things beautiful to me. It can be my flowers that sit next to me while I watch 16 candles. Or it can be the full moon staring at me while I drive home, as if it was making sure I got home safely. Maybe it’s the combination of my polka dot shorts with my stripe shirt. How about my Brie cheese and crackers while I am cooking and listening to Carlos vives and Juan Luis guerra. The combination of sitting outside, feeling the sun over you, listening to a distant conversation and a fountain, and watching people walk by. Or how about the combination of a group of friends that are all unique in so many ways that end up making a beautiful friendship. Its the combination of things in my life that bring a smile to my face and I am sure it is the same for others.

Right now, this minute, this second; the combination of walking to a coffee shop, my G&B coffee shake, my physical therapy magazine, and the wind blowing is what completes this combination.
Un Beso
P.S I can think of 10 million other combinations that make me smile. Surprise me with some.

Welcome to DTLA, Stumptown!


In the city of Angels

Look who found a home, Stumptown in the art district of downtown Los Angeles!
806 S Santa Fe Ave, Los Angeles, California

By the beautiful 7th street bridge, and among other treasures, such as church and state, it’s like having an oasis in this industrial region of downtown. Stumptown is a roasting company from Portland, Oregan. One day I will make it to Portland and visit the original Stumptown.  As of now, Stumptown in the city of angels is where I will get my fix.



This mini trip was a bit of a tease, only cause I had 5-10 minutes to find parking and order my coffee then leave to work. I will be back soon…. We shall meet again stumptown….

Un beso


They are known for their cold brew.

The Crescent in my coffee.

Some things in my life are like that shaded area in my coffee. It’s the crescent in my coffee. It seems like there is less milk but really it’s the same. It looks like it taste differently but really it all tastes good. I like to call the crescent area, a heart maybe my heart.
The shape looks beautiful in my coffee yet also mysterious, like space. It has galactic feel, with galaxies that have not been found that have stars that make me smile. Maybe waiting for a few comets to pass by.
The shape in my coffee has two edges, which are pointy along with two gentle curves. Can this be the shape of my heart sometimes? I do try to file down the edges….. Sipping my coffee always helps to soften the two points of my crescent.
Un Beso.