(Julia + Intelligentsia) cafesito = :o)

What a nice mathematical equation!

Coffee talk with your dear friends is special time to me. Its not only a social thing to do. But its basically sharing a wonderful time having something comforting in your hand.

3922 West Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles


Julia ordered a Soy Mocha Latté but they had ran out of soy. But soy was coming right up in 30 minutes. But I love her reaction, she just said, “awwww” with a SMILE.  I love when people don’t get upset for unnecessary things. Things happen and what can you do right? Light and easy! Light and easy! Life is too short to get upset for running out of soy in your life? Right? There is always a solution, AMERICANO BABY!! hahah

Love the floor!

This is one of the reasons why I come to this location, because of the FLOOR!

Love my boat shoes

While waiting in line, I saw this table of empty happy dishes. These coffee dishes had someone that enjoyed them. I love how this look!

Happy to be used

Intellegentsia is known for having great Baristas.  The 2010 World Barista Champion came from Intelligentsia.

Mike Phillips.

I would be honored to taste a Latté made by him.

Every time I do go to Intelligentsia I order and say this,

“Can I please have a Non Fat Latté made with LOVE”

And I love to see their reaction. But if you are a real barista at heart you would know what I mean. Right?

I am not the only coffee lover, see!

They always have some sort of art on the walls, makes for happy walls.

Art + Coffee= beauty

So Julia prepared her Americano with two sugar packets and some cream. Americano is similar to a coffee. Its just Espresso with water.

preparing this wonderful drink


Its close up! that mini spoon is adorable!

And of course Miss Cafesita orders:

NFL (non fat latté) made with LOVE

NFL waiting for ME

El AMOR de mi VIDA!


Nothing but positive words and love on this coffee mission!


Un beso

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