Cafesitas’s Nails with things that make her smile.

So one way Cafesita may express herself is with her nails.

sit back and relax

She likes to call it her “Me” time when she paints them herself.

Now sometimes its nice to get them done somewhere…but there are times when she just feels like doing them herself.

Today Garance did a wonderful post about Nails. And I feel the same way..the minute I have one chip to the polish….It freaks me out. I try to hide them or just feel like I have to explain why they are chipped.

Cafesita just feels UGLY with chipped nails.

The funny thing I can leave the house with no make up….But I can’t leave the house with chipped nail polish.

So that is why I just remove all the polish as soon as the polish chips.

Writing this now, I have naked nails……..Yes they are naked!! But I will do something about that sometime this week.

I try to get creative with my nails, just to have a little fun and add some sunshine to my life.

Cafesita’s Nail Art

hold on tight

green and yellow


blue and white

polka dots




squiggle stripes

blackberry love

grass baby

Polka dot Bear

And Cafesita continues to enjoy her nail art.

Un beso

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