Tomamos un Cafe? (Lets have coffee?)

In life we get really busy, and forget how important it is to set time aside and have a cup of coffee with someone special. So just pick a date and time then do it! So Natalia and I picked Casbah Cafe in Silverlake at 11am.

Cafe para dos

I enjoy spending time with Natalia, first of all she is good company, driven, beautiful, talented, and we converse in Spanish.  So we are not having coffee. What we are doing is: Estamos tomando cafe.😉

Natalia is from Mexico and started her own Jewelry company in Los Angeles. She makes one of a kind unique necklaces and bracelets all handmade in Los Angeles. She uses unique and natural stones which make her necklaces one of a kind treasures.  Her pieces are beautiful, elegant and bold, which also describe Natalia as a person. If you enjoy supporting independent designers, take a look at them at NataliaCamarena!

sneak peak.

She is wearing one of her pieces.

Natalia had a Latte and I had a Cappuccino. And of course joining us with those wonderful drink where some sweet treats.

love the saucers they used with the mugs

my cappuccino

my dessert

Lets begin.

another sneak peak


The Talented NataliaCamarena.


Un beso

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