Lets play checkers


Macchiato from the Ace Hotel in DTLA 

Lets play a little game of checkers.

I am the black pieces, and you are the red pieces!

Now I go primeroūüôā ¬†I make my first move diagonally, then you move your first piece forward. A cluster of these moves are made until we meet.

I make my next move vigilantly, so that you don’t jump over my piece and take a part of me away. But you prevailed to do so.

Suddenly, I jumped over one of your red pieces. Ha! The dance of jumping over pieces proceeds.

 Unexpectedly, there are no more red pieces left to jump over and all that is left is one black piece sitting on the checkered board in solitude.

I win! Mostly cause I still have my coffee in front of me!


Un Beso


So I invited someone for coffee and they didn’t show up.


Maybe they are running late? I would much rather have them arrive late then not show up at all. My coffee looks so lonely sitting there with an empty seat, or maybe I just have to accept the fact that it also looks beautiful and peaceful sitting by itself.  Ok, yes it is photogenic all alone, but it is still missing someone.

Un besito,



Casi un corazon

Casi un corazon

Did the barista only give me part of his heart?

Casi un corazon, almost a heart, roughly a heart, practically a heart, nearly a heart.

Awaiting for my latte, I was longing for a complete heart to fulfill my cup.  Seemed like it could have been true love when I ordered but he only gave me part of his heart.

Since it tasted so good, I would forget the heart was mis-shaped after the foam touched my lips. Each sip that I took, the heart continued to become more disfigured. ¬†As I lowered the cup down from my mouth I was reminded that I only had “almost a heart”.

Maybe my next barista will make me a full, entire, complete, and whole hearted latte.

Looking forward to it!

un beso


Veinticinco <3


I walked up to the counter and provided my order at Juan Valdez cafe origenes (en calle 70), I was issued a chip bearing order number 25.  One of my lucky numbers! Due to this number, I am beginning to feel lucky and have the feeling that anything can happen.

Do you think I will become a lucky person once¬†I finish my coffee?¬†Maybe find some money that has no owner…

Do you think this day will be extremely special in so many different ways? Perhaps flowers arriving at my doorstep for one.

Do you think the barista may be the man of my dreams? He obviously has the skill of making a good espresso drink.

Do you think the one person you wish to come back for you will walk through that door riiiight…… NOW? ¬†Yes, a piece of my heart still belongs to him….

Do you think that I will find true love after I finish my coffee? Acting¬†like cupid’s arrow.

Or maybe it was just a coincidence that I got the number 25!

I am such a dreamer!ūüôā


Enjoy your coffee today, cause yours could be a lucky one.




Un beso

Its been awhile….

No te olvide...

No te olvide…

Now just cause I have not been blogging lately doesn’t mean I don’t love you Mr. Coffee…..

I think about you everyday and even more than once a day.

I dream how the both of us will be together once I get out of bed..

I think about you, when I get a chance to take a break from work and be able to taste you..

I think about you even at night, whether I would like a cafe just to keep me up just a little bit longer.

Or the fact that if I go to bed soon we would both be together again in the morning, making the start of my day just a little bit better.

And since I am in a new city with you, I know I should make the time and effort for the things I love and blog more.

Our new city..

Our new city..

I love you Mr. Coffee   c[__]

Con mucho amor, Cafesita

Un Beso

Can coffee make you a morning person?

As you may wake up slightly bitter the fact it’s only Thursday and you still have another work day left. I sit here at Bellano coffee, a nice gem to the city of Santa Clara, listening to peaceful sound of the espresso machine make the espresso and heat up the milk is something that invigorates me to get this day done and make some people happy. But what confirms this day of being magnificent is after the first sip. Yes this gives me that motivation needed! Ahora, vamos! Happy almost Friday!


Un Beso

My Coffee Gait…



Juan Valdez is like the Starbucks of Bogota, Colombia.  Although there is a lack of sophistication on how coffee is brewed, the permanence that one can be found at every corner makes it convenient.  If you want coffee to just look down the street, up the street or around the street you are compelled to find one.


Many Juan Valdez Cafes in the city

I usually walk quickly through Bogota’s impending streets.¬† I am a vigilant woman on a mission. I will walk till I am out of breath and my heart rate rises just to keep me athletic and mercurial.

Walking to art class I had to cross “La Novena” which is like crossing a freeway, so you run to advance to the other side in one piece. Walking to catch the bus on the “Septima” that will cram people in like cattle and will jerk you back and forth as if a rag doll while still feeling poised. So when I see a Juan Valdez, I will stop in to say hello and invigorate myself.


Streets of Bogota


Un Latté y un almojabana

Does the way you walk say something about you?  With my physical therapy background, I accustomed to use the word gait.  Since I studied normal gait, and abnormal gait, I am able to detect where the deficits are and where they are compensated. But does it say anything about their personality??? 

My gait has a long step length and a fast cadence.  Sometimes I will find myself 5 feet ahead of the person I am walking with. I will occasionally  swerve from side to side subtlety or bump/run into things.

Walking fast is comfortable for me, a slower pace is a struggle for me. I am used to walking alone to most places so I subconsciously set the pace.  My gait seems to be direct, there is no beating around the bush, having tunnel vision, focused on my destination. Perhaps I am an intense walker or a passionate walker? I do tend to drift towards the front of the group and start to lead when sometimes I don’t even know where I am going. Maybe I should let someone else take the lead for a change. 


Fast walker

So what slows this vigilant coffee drinker on a mission??… I think one of the answers is Juan Valdez, seeing a man on a donkey with a big bag of coffee beans would cause me to stop wouldn’t you?


My treat

But really I could be walking 20 miles per hour and I see a Caf√© and I stop, and decide should I get something on the way? And how can I say No‚Ķ.¬† Possibly a composed sincere beau would inspire me to stop when he says Hi. My eyes are usually focused on my destination, and usually I will not deviate from that unless commanded to. Perhaps it could be the fear of being vulnerable to other things around me… But coffee touches my heart, therefore I stop.¬† So if that presumptuous beau is also able to catch up to my speed and touch my heart, then I would stop and let him lead the way. As of now every Juan Valdez cafe will cause me to stop my quest…. Juan Valdez is my pit stop as I walk briskly through the streets of Bogota, Colombia.¬†

Un beso

Exploring: Pampering yourself..

I think In order to keep Cafesita sane, pampering herself with a manicure and a cappuccino you can’t wrong. ¬†Along with that first cup of coffee in the morning just about keeps the whole world sane. ¬† If you are feeling down, go into a nail salon and you tell me how you feel after. ¬†If you are stressed out go into a nail salon and tell me how you feel after. ¬†If you just left work after a long day, go into a nail salon and tell me how you feel after. ¬†Getting that manicure or pedicure for whatever valid reason will make you feel just a little bit special. I think its a girl thing…..ūüėČ

Nail Lounge

Nail Lounge

Nail art is making its way around the city of Bogota, Colombia. I used to be a fan of nail art, I would do it myself. It would take me little over an hour to make a design on my finger nails. But I kind of toned it down a notch along the years. I guess it happens with age right? Or I guess I can say I have officially become lazy!!! Getting my nails done while working was not worth it cause I would have to wash my hands so much that my manicure would be desolated by the end of the week. ¬† I know some of you say, well what about gel? ¬†But again its lots of work to try to get it off (LAZY!!) and I just would rather stick to good ol’ nail polish. ¬†You can call me old fashioned. ¬† As far as my vanity goes while in Bogota, being lazy is ok, cause economically getting your nails and hair done is in my favor!



 So in my favorite part of town called Usaquen, there is a little nail salon called, Nail Lounge.  Super cute, with adorable white and pink furniture.  Since most nail shops were usually in hair salons, its goal was just to fix your nails not to get that spa like feeling.  But now so many Nail Salons have been becoming popular here, and making it more of a spa like experience. Now of course nail salons here have not mastered the equipment of huge massage chairs that have tubs for your feet to go in and free champagne like In LA. Or maybe there are some, I just have not discovered them yet.

Enjoying my nail art

Enjoying my nail art

 So I wanted to give Nail lounge a try  since they have been open for only 8 days.  For being my first time I was able to get 50% off my manicure.  I like to get my nails done, it always makes me feel pretty. Imagine that, nails makes a woman feel pretty! It truly does!  They offered me a drink, so I ordered a cappuccino, which makes me feel warm inside. So I guess now I feel warm and pretty!

If you don’t get manicures, just do something simple that bring a little bit of happiness into your life, even if its buying yourself your favorite ice cream. ¬†Every little thing counts. ¬†Now its your turn…..

Un beso

P.S. How do you feel after the nail salon?

The four hour Cumulonimbus


Clouds over clouds

There are many things I love about the sky. First comes the Moon, then the clouds. Clouds inspire me to look up at the sky and find fluffy surprises. Clouds are my chameleons of the sky, changing color with the sun and changing shape with the wind.

Cumulonimbus is a species of cloud that have very dark grey or black flat bases. They typically generate thunderstorms, rain or showers and even hail. It can be an intense cloud, usually thick and traveling high into the sky. This inexorable cloud will take its path behaving naturally while possibly causing a ruckus around you. This same exact cloud was laboring its way through Bogota and caused a cessation to my path for a cappuccino.

After visiting my grandmother for a a little bit, I was going to get some coffee with some friends I ¬†called for a cab at 1pm, there was no cars available, and it is too dangerous to catch a cab out in the street. ¬†I called in for a cab every half hour and I had no luck. “No habia carro desponible”, that was the message I kept receiving.
This cumulonimbus cloud didn’t allow me to get a cab till 5pm after the rain had diminished.¬†I had that cab take me straight to Illy’s cafe at Unicentro.

A cloud in my cup

A cloud in my cup

Cumulonimbus clouds will eventually have a finale, as it travels over you.  While waiting and waiting for these clouds to go away, I was feeling anxious almost desperate waiting for the moment I order a cappuccino. Although it was nice to spend time with my grandmother, I wanted the rain to stop now.  I know it could have been worse by standing out in the rain and getting soaking wet.   I did have warm shelter while waiting for the cab, but I still felt slightly trapped.

After the first sip of my cappuccino from Illy’s cafe, it was an instant relief, instant relaxation, instant satisfaction. I just went from the 4 hour cumulonimbus cloud straight to a foamy cloud in my cappuccino that was devoured in 15 minutes. ¬†Those 15 minutes of satisfaction made that cumulonimbus cloud not so bad after all…..

Always know the huge cumulonimbus cloud will not stay over you, it will keeping taking its path in life and there is usually a hot cappuccino waiting for you in the end.