Bread and Butter.

Pan y Mantequilla

Bread and butter

Bread and butter en Colombia (pan de queso con mantequilla y un cafesito)

What is your bread and butter?

In order to start the day my coffee is my bread in butter to get through the day.  Having a positive attitude in things that I do, in goals that I have, and just to set an example for myself is also part of my bread and butter.  In my profession I have to care for people, rehabilitate people, help people stay positive. And throughout my years of practice I have learned to accept people for who they are and to treat myself to small things in order to lighten up my day.  Treating myself to some coffee after lunch is always a piece of love throughout my day. It gives me that nudge to finish my day at work with meaning and love.  In other words its my bread and butter to finish my day with a SMILE!

All those local coffee shops by my job are lucky cause Cafesita will be coming by.  Jones Coffee Roasters being one of my places to fulfill my afternoon delight.

My grandmother bread and butter is also coffee <3

My grandmothers bread and butter is also coffee❤

with the help of some coffee ;)

with a little help of some coffee😉

un beso

Intro to Coffee.

Have you ever wondered where coffee was born? How did it all begin? The Origin of that liquid you drink every morning to get you up and running. That wonderful smell it produces when it is being brewed. That sweet smell that even non coffee drinkers enjoy as well.  Why is this bean so special, why does this bean connect people all over the world.

At Jones Coffee Roasters in Pasadena, they provide a number of coffee classes for anyone interested.

The classes provided are:

Intro to Coffee (which I took)

Intro to Cupping

Intro to Home Brewing

Home Barista Workshop

Coffee originated from Ethopia and can now be found all over the world.

You will also learn the difference between light, medium and dark roast.

While in class Jones gives you a cup of their delicious coffee.

with my notes and a cup of coffee

First row: dried beans (not roasted). Last row: Light, medium and dark roast.

Jones has their own “finca” (farm) called Finca Dos Marias located in Guatemala.  They respect their workers and also try to keep human labor in order to help keep jobs.

Dark roast

Jones coffee

Then we had a tasting of light, medium and dark roasts.


waiting to finish dripping

ready to try

I also learned there is a method on describing what you taste in coffee. The least time you roast the bean the more you can taste the quality of the coffee plant so it has a more “leafy” taste. The more it is roasted the least you taste on the quality of the plant and less caffeine. When you do a coffee tasting (cupping) it should be done with a light roast so you can taste the plant.


After learning the process of how coffee is grown then brewed made be believe that it can be a type of art.  Its not just picked and roasted. Coffee involves many steps until it is in a cup in your hands helping you wake up in the morning.

It needs the perfect temperature, elevation and atmosphere  to grow. All the cherries grow and become ripe at different times which is why it can only be hand picked from the trees. After its picked you have to excrete the seed from the cherry, either through leaving them all on a roof top to dry with the sun.  Or a machine that takes the seed out of the cherry.  Then you have to separate the good seeds by its density and size.  After picking the good beans they are then shipped to Jones where they roast their coffee.  There is a reason why good coffee is expensive.

here is a chart to help you brew coffee

Now making the perfect brew, the perfect espresso, latte, cappuccino and other specialty drinks is a whole other topic and class.

I learned lots of other interesting facts about coffee.  And now I am intrigued in taking their other courses.

If interested in taking one of these classes, you can sign up online here.

Un beso 

p.s. Sorry I took a long time to post this…..beso.